Biology as revision

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Biology as revision

Intercostal muscles contract, forces ribcage upwards Diaphragm subsequently also contracts, flattening it The volume of the thorax increases The decrease in pressure to that of the air outside the body forces air into the lungs For exhalation: Intercostal muscles relax, forces ribcage down Diaphragm relaxes and returns to a domed shape Volume of the thorax decreases Pressure increases, forcing air out of the lungs Alveoli provide a large SA rich with capillaries so gases can diffuse in and out of the blood.

The use of mechanical ventilators can help with breathing difficulties, negative pressure ventilators causes air to be drawn into the lungs, and positive pressure ventilators forces air out of the lungs 1 of 16 Aerobic Respiration: These changes increase the supply of glucose and oxygen to, and increase the rate of CO2 removal from the muscles.

Biology as revision

If there isn't enough oxygen then energy is produced by anaerobic respiration. This is why after exercise, the breathing rate stays high. Anaerobic Respiration will produce only a small amount of the energy produced in aerobic respiration, and in plants it will produce ethanol and Carbon Dioxide.

Have a large surface area from bioncave shape. Nearby platelets stick together and to the sides of the tear to create a temporary plug. Re-inforces by clotting factors, activated and stick to the platelets.

Fibrin form a web like glue. Stick all together, a network of fibrin. Other blood cells re-inforce, become stronger and help bring sides together and stay in untill tissue is repaired to stop bleeding and stop microbes entering.

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Have a thick muscular wall, small lumen and high blood pressure. Blood pumped from the heart to the body. Have a thinner muscle layer, large lumen for blood to flow and low pressure. Blood pumped from the body to the heart.

Have a one cell thick wall for diffusion. These carry blood through the organs. To The veins from the arteries. Antigens-Proteins on the surface of cells.

Amylase, catalyse the breakdown of carbohydrates e.gcse biology revision guide a* g course Download Book Gcse Biology Revision Guide A* G Course in PDF format.

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A taxonomic revision or taxonomic review is a novel analysis of the variation patterns in a particular taxon. This analysis may be executed on the basis of any combination of the various available kinds of characters, such as morphological, anatomical, palynological, biochemical and genetic.

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Biology as revision

Uploaded by. aby Igcse Physics Revision. Uploaded by. lozzzzz. Chapter 1 . This site is for students studying A-Level Biology. It was made for students at Groby Community College in Leicester, but will be useful for any student studying A-Level Biology.

By navigating through the tabs above, you will find presentations, revision materials, past exam questions and much more. A BBC Bitesize secondary school revision resource for Standard Grade Biology on revision videos: mitosis, enzymes, aerobic respiration, making food, osmosis.

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