Disembodied existence essay

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Disembodied existence essay

The claim that there can be no disembodied existence after death is based on a monist or materialist conception that there is no soul distinct from body.

For someone to survive the death of their body and to live on without a physical body some form of dualism would have to be acceptedwhere the soul mind or spirit is seen to be a separate entity from the body, or at the very least capable of detaching from the body.

My aim is to establish that disembodied existence is plausible. Antony Flew takes such a view. This however, seems to beg the question of what death is — of course it is the end of physical life but the question remains as to whether life comes down to simple biological processes.

In order to show that there can be disembodied existence we would need to first show whether it is reasonable to believe in an identity or me that exists in this world — if there is not really a me in this world then it would be hard to claim that I exist in another although some kind of post — death survival occurs in Vedanta Hinduism in which atman or self ceases to exist as an illusion and gets dissolved in Brahman or ultimate reality.

Materialists claim that we are our bodies, and that consequently there is no soul. However this is problematic — Swinburne gives the example of the two hemispheres of the brain being divided and transplanted into two different bodies — could you choose which was to be tortured and which to be made happy?

Swinburne says the fact that it is unclear how to establish which transplant will be you shows although a body is a critical part of our current existence, it is not all we are. Locke also shows this with his analogy of the cobbler and the prince- if the cobbler awoke in the princes body and vice versa how would you establish which constituted identity, body or memory?

Memories and states of consciousness themselves are also not enough to constitute us as persons — you can have false memoriesawareness can be altered with drugs, we can forget things, and yet we do not cease to exist as personsso it seems clear from the above that the soul or self is something other than bodymemory, thought or feeling — those are all things I havewhereas a soul is what I am.

Disembodied Existence Can Never Be Explained Coherently, Because It Is A Contradiction In Terms

What I think of as me is simply a name I give to a stream of experiences — there is no underlying reality to it. This he says is like looking for Oxford university after having been shown all the college buildings that comprise it. These are attractive views but they have problems.

For behaviourists like Ryle there would be no such thing as a private experience or inner mental states at all these are all just propensities to act in a certain way. So perhaps dualism is correct and there is a self or soul separate from the body.

Descartes with interactionism said that the body and mind affect each other — the problem here is how is the non- spatial supposed to affect the spatial? Keith Ward holds something like this view and says that a divine consciousness that wants good would have very good reasons to create a universe where minds evolve that were free and able to contemplate their position in the universe.

This view would be a post-Darwinian theory, as evolution takes a role in it even though its teleological dimension would be unpalatable to many biologists. If we cannot show how disembodied existence might function then we cannot decide whether it does.

Disembodied existence essay

H H Price believed that it is a coherent concept and tried to show this by positing the idea that the next world would consist of souls with mental images about which they have dreams and desires.

If we can have some kind of life when we are physically asleep and therefore unconscious through dreams, then it is not beyond the bounds of possibility that when dead our world would be similarly composed of mental states interacting with other mental states through telepathic communication.

Criticisms of the soul concept. Alternatives to the soul. Conclusion — materialism cannot account for qualia, intentionality, the soul could survive death.It would then follow that the only plausible after-death-existence would be embodied. It is the first point made by Descartes and many others which this essay will lean towards as it will be argued that disembodied existence is as philosophically plausible, if not more so than embodied.

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Disembodied Existence After Death Is Incoherent Essay Disembodied existence after death is incoherent The idea of disembodied existence is a dualist view; that the soul and the body are two separate things - Disembodied Existence After Death Is Incoherent Essay introduction. Life after death essay Matthew Livermore A2 Level, Life after death May 30, October 30, 4 Minutes Evaluate the claim that there can be no disembodied existence after death.

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