If i could change one thing in my life essay

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If i could change one thing in my life essay

If I could change one thing … Teens would change the world by gettting rid of guns, gangs and suffering. Did you ever ask yourself, "Am I going to lose someone I truly care about today? Or why we should get rid of guns for good. If gun laws were changed, maybe death rates would decrease.

Or if the age limit to own a gun were raised or if we could control how many guns people can own, everything would be better. I just recently lost a really good friend. I loved him and still love him like a brother. His name is Edwin Sanchez. He was only 15 years old and he was gunned down because some stupid idiot decided he needed to prove to himself that he was a man.

If we really take the time to look at our faults, then maybe we can help each other. If gun laws were changed to raise the age limit or limit the number of guns owned, then the world would be better.

Nothing is ever perfect, but if we help ourselves then the world would be a better place. Or maybe we get rid of all guns. I think that will help. Like Tupac said, "I lost so many peers, shed so many tears. The only reason I gave my age was because killings keep going from young to younger.

Like Tupac said, when the time comes, "Only God can judge me. Gangs are what make my home unsafe and unsightly, so if I had a choice I would say that I would get rid of gangs. They can hurt you whether you are in one or not.

Last year a person near my school who was completely not gang-related got shot by someone in a car driving by and shooting. Every night I hear about innocent people just minding their own business, getting shot and killed or severely hurt by gang members.

To me it is sad to see so many people throwing their lives away. These gang members could be doing better things with their lives, like getting an education and changing the world in a positive way.

These gangsters could be bringing up my neighborhood instead of bringing it down.

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Graffiti is what makes my neighborhood look so threatening.One potential source of ideas comes from a recent report by TINYhr’s. Titled, The New Year Employee Report, this survey clearly spells out what employees would change -- if only they had the power.

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Narrative Essay on One Thing I Would Like to Change about My Childhood Type of paper: Essays Subject: Personal Words: One Thing I Would Like to Change about My Childhood.

I had a happy and interesting childhood. As computers weren’t that but I still want to change this event in my life. Jun 17,  · Dear Liz, I am a big fan of your inspiring articles! I am 29 and thinking about my life and career.

If i could change one thing in my life essay

I like to read self-help articles online and I get a lot of ideas from them. Change is very difficult for all of us, but we always have some things that we definitely want to change in ourselves, for me there are lot of things I would like to change in my personality, but for now I can say that I have 3 things that I want to change in myself, which are my payer life, my anger, and my way to .

Essay on An Event Which Changed My Life - “An Event Which Changed My Life” An Event which changed my life, well when, I think back on my life there’s Many changes for the good and some were bad but, there were some learning experiences that help make me a better person.

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