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Myspace rencontre amoureuse

Driven by the then-recent contract between Myspace rencontre amoureuse and the creators of South Park[24] one of the critical issues for the negotiations was residuals for " new media ", or compensation for delivery channels such as Internet downloads, IPTVstreamingsmart phone programming, straight-to-Internet content, and other "on-demand" online distribution methods, along with video on demand on cable and satellite television.

The first is "electronic sell-through" also known as "Internet sales" or "digital sell-through". In electronic sell-through, the consumer purchases a copy of the program and downloads it to a local storage device for subsequent viewing at their convenience. Examples include movies and television shows purchased through the iTunes Store and Amazon Video on Demand.

Myspace rencontre amoureuse

In the second model, " streaming video", the consumer watches a program in real time as it is transmitted to their computer but is usually not saved.

Current examples of this model include advertising-supported television programs streamed free to the audience, such as those available at nbc. In either case, the program may be viewed directly on a computer or on a traditional television via media distribution devices e. The convenience of both these technologies lowers the barriers to entry into the digital distribution marketplace making it more accessible to mainstream consumers.

It was widely expected by industry observers that new media would eventually supplant both DVD in the home video market and television in the broadcasting market as the primary means for distribution.

However, feeling resentment from the year-old home video deal and unwilling to make similar concessions in a so-called "new market" yet again, WGA members remained adamant that whatever deal they made for new media, it could not resemble the DVD formula.

New media was widely seen by most WGA writers as the central issue for the strike. He said, to a standing ovation: Soon, when computers and your TV are connected, that's how we're all going to watch. Those residuals are going to go from what they are towards zero if we don't make a stand now.

This is such a big issue that if they see us roll over on this without making a stand - three years from now, they're gonna be back for something else. I might have been the most moderate one up here when we started, but I sat there in the room the first day and they read us those thirty-two pages of rollbacks.

And what they wanted us to hear was that "if you don't give us what [we] want on the important thing, we're gonna come after you for all those other things.

And in three years, it'll be "we want to revamp the whole residual system," and in another three years, it'll be "y'know what, we don't really want to fund the health fund the way we've been. And then it'll be credit determination. And there just is that time when everybody has to see—this is one where we just gotta stand our ground.

For downloads, writers were granted 1. The State of the Strike: The WGA counters that the process of creating interesting scenarios, culling raw material, and shaping it into a narrative with conflict, character arc, and storyline constitutes writing and should fall under its contract.

Animated films and TV programs have also been an area of heavy contention. Most animated feature films have been written under the jurisdiction of another union, the International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees Localalso known as The Animation Guild. IATSE's jurisdiction stemmed from Walt Disney 's tradition of creating an animated feature via storyboards written and drawn by storyboard artists.

Myspace rencontre amoureuse

In the years up until the strike, most studios began hiring screenwriters to write script pages which are then storyboarded. They further proposed the adoption of a credit, "Story Producer" and "Supervising Story Producer" to be given to those writers performing story contributions to a reality show.In , against all expectations, she joined the stoner rock band Madking Ludwig.

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