The troop surge and the iraq war essay

US soldiers warily approached a building in the tense Dora neighborhood of Baghdad in

The troop surge and the iraq war essay

If indeed it turns out the way that people expect it to turn out, the American people will have spoken, and they will have rejected the course of action the president is on. Bush and his Republicans over ethics scandals in Washington and a failing war in Iraq.

The article explained that after visiting wounded Iraq War veterans at the Bethesda Naval Medical Center"I left there more committed than ever to bringing the war to an end. I told my colleagues yesterday that the biggest ethical issue facing our country for the past three and a half years is the war in Iraq.

When the House reconvenes on January 4,Democrats will take power and I will take the gavel knowing the responsibility we have to you and to the country.

The new Democratic Congress will live up to the highest ethical standard We will honor the trust of the American people; we will not disappoint.

Refocusing the Conservative Agenda" on November 9, to analyze "setbacks" from the election results. Blunt bemoaned the fact Republicans had "become the defenders rather than the challengers of business as usual. He dismissed the notion that any one single reason explained the loss, saying "Different candidates lost for different reasons.

A shift of 78, votes in the entire country would have changed the outcome. We must constantly refresh our ideas, assess our performance, and make corrections when necessary. This is a great moment to do all three of those things. For a generation Reagan conservatives have consistently demonstrated an ability to do just that.

Nowhere has this been more evident than in our response to the threats of Islamic totalitarianism and the fight with our terrorist enemies. I am convinced that in this fight we will also prevail because the American people understand the need to win.

We must continue to lead the fight against Islamic totalitarianism and sustain the will to win the war in Iraq and Afghanistan. Among other things, Senturion predicted that "increased coalition military strength in Iraq would have improved the attitudes of Iraqi stake holders toward the election by making them feel more secure.

The troop surge and the iraq war essay

It also determined that due to Iraqi perceptions, the use of United Nations peacekeepers in place of US or coalition forces could achieve the same results with a smaller troop increase. These analyses were "performed and briefed to senior government decisionmakers well in advance of events.

Iraq Study Group Report On December 6, the Iraq Study Group presented their report, which recommended both external and internal approaches for achieving positive progress in Iraq.

The troop surge and the iraq war essay

Among other approaches, the report suggested that the "United States should significantly increase the number of U. The ISG report mentioned a possible 10, troop increase for training but only until early Co-chairman James Baker said that since "events in Iraq could overtake what we recommend Keane arguing that several thousand additional soldiers could be used to improve security in Baghdadand others expressing doubt about that proposal.

One panel member reported that "All of us said they have failed, that you need a new team. And that advice is. McGurk added that "when we have a presence we are able to help resolve local disputes before they get out of control, police illegal conduct by Iraqi forces, and ultimately help the Iraqis develop their own patterns of interaction.

While "no dramatic proposals" were put forward, "a pragmatic assessment of what can and cannot be done by the military" was offered.

Under the Chiarelli plan "the military would shift about half of its 15 combat brigades away from battling insurgents and sectarian violence and into training Iraqi security forces as soon as the spring of The new plan would add 30 troops to each team, allowing them to provide supervision and mentoring down to the level of Iraqi army companies.

William Caldwell said that "In northern and western Iraq, U.

And why all the hard-won gains of the surge are in grave danger of being lost today.

They told Bush that there was "significantly increased risk to readiness in the event of a new emergency". Our military needs a political strategy that is effective. I will be delivering my plans after a long deliberation, after steady deliberation. He also said he heard some "ideas that would lead to defeat…[and] I reject those ideas.

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Ideas such as leaving before the job is done.For me the War in Iraq is a serious matter as I am an individual directly involved with the situation. I am an Army Medic and have performed tours of duty in Iraq.

With the recent announcement of the troop surge into the Iraqi Theater, I am confronted with something that . Timeline of the Iraq War troop surge of January U.S.

troop levels in Iraq are at , January 5, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi sent a letter to Bush stating, "Surging forces is a strategy that you have already tried and that has already failed.

In the context of the Iraq War, the surge refers to United States President George W. Bush's increase in the number of American troops in order to provide security to Baghdad and Al Anbar date: The "surge" has also been called the McCain doctrine, a label coined by John Edwards to describe a proposed surge in troop levels and escalation of the war in Iraq named after its "chief advocate", Senator John McCain (R-Ariz.).

A positive result of the war in Iraq was that it ended the regime of a brutal leader. This graph shows the number of American troops in Afghanistan from to The goals of the Iraq surge were spelled out explicitly by the White House in Jan.

Stop the raging sectarian bloodletting and reconcile Sunnis, Shiites, and Kurds in the government. “A.

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